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Проблема у Вас есть почти наверняка из-за MOC файла не воссозданы, опечатка в вызове для подключения или опечатки в объявлении паза в вопросе. Вы можете считать , что это намного больше работы , чем это необходимо для получения ввода из диалога.

Qt 4.2: QApplication Class Reference For any GUI application that uses Qt, there is precisely one QApplication object, no matter whether the application has 0, 1, 2 or more windows at any time. For non-GUI Qt applications, use QCoreApplication instead, which doesn't depend on the QtGui library. Qt 4.8: QPushButton Class Reference A push button shown in the Macintosh widget style.. Note that when a button's width becomes smaller than 50 or its height becomes smaller than 30, the button's corners are changed from round to square. QWidget — PySide v1.0.7 documentation - GitHub Pages

QToolBox Class | Qt Widgets 5.9

Mar 07, 2012 · You didn't declare rxsignal as a slot. You made it a regular public function, hence why it says no slot exists by that name. However, the Qt moc cannot parse the mock macro. So you cannot directly declare MOCK_METHODs as slots. class AbstractMockRx : public QWidget { Q_OBJECT public slots: virtual void rxsignal()=0; }; Qt in Education The Qt object model and the signal slot The QObject QObject is the base class to most Qt classes. Examples of exceptions are: Classes that need to be lightweight such as graphical primitives Data containers (QString, QList, QChar, etc)Classes that needs to be copyable, as QObject s cannot be copied Signals and slots in QT - C++ Forum

最近在使用Qt 的过程中,时常会遇到这样的错误:no such slot 经过整理后发现注要是以下几点错误: 1、自己定义的类开始处没有 Q_OBJECT 2、没有定义slot函数: 3、连接的slot函数出现了书写错误

No such slot QWidget::addPerson()". As u can see this means not GUI, but QWidget.I got a problem with Signals and Slots of QT. Qt is our favourite C++/MOC toolkit. Too bad this group is about standard C++, not C++/MOC or C++/CLI or any other C++.

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Qt и слоты [new]. ++c Guest. Приветствую, всех! Объясните пожалуйста, почему не срабатывает событие( слот)? и как нужно делать? class MyWidget : public QWidget {. Qt connect | Форум Не срабатывает alarm. Таймер создаётся. Qt 4.7.4.Object::connect: No such slot QGLWidget::alarm() in oglform.cpp:13. Почему-то слот ищется не в моём классе. Как это можно поправить? QT creator No such slot found - OpenCV Q&A Forum I am trying to make a simple GUI but on click it displays no such slot interface::browsefile(). Interface::Interface( QWidget *parent) :QMainWindow(parent),ui(new Ui::Interface) { uiWhy doesnt QT get detected when I want to build openCV? Cannot Parse Libraries In Linux Using Qt Enviornment. QT: No Such Slot

Qt in Education The Qt object model and the signal slot ...

QToolButton Class | Qt Widgets 5.12.3 Detailed Description. The QToolButton class provides a quick-access button to commands or options, usually used inside a QToolBar.. A tool button is a special button that provides quick-access to specific commands or options. As opposed to a normal command button, a tool button usually doesn't show a text label, but shows an icon instead. QObject::connect: No such slot QWidget::showTimee() | Qt Forum This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. Object::connect: No such slot QApplication::MYSLOT() | Qt Forum Well, I've searched this many times in Google, and still I can't solve it, so I ask for some help. I've seen the documentation, and I think this is the way to declare a custom slot: My H file: @ #ifndef ACTIVIDADESTIC_H #define ACTIVIDADESTIC_H #include ...